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I am Muslim & I am not Terrorist

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Gadis Melayu di pentas Ratu Cantik Muslimah Dunia..Tahniah

Capture the expression on his face , smile and style coupled with exactly a successful professional model puts Nurul Husna Zainal Abidin won the title of " World Muslim Woman Netizen 2013" in Muslim Miss World contest recently .This is the first entry in a competition organized by the Malaysian participants main host former Indonesian television station , Eka Shanti who was fired for his refusal to remove the lid when directed to do so while on duty .This year's competition characterized as part of a protest against the Miss World event to be held in Jakarta , but had to be changed due to its location in Bali vigorously opposed by conservative Islamic factions .So how do the different events with other beauty pageants ?On the eve of the finals, the opening event began with the recitation of the Quran before participants began walking onto the stage wearing evening gowns that reflect images with various Muslim hijab style ." Some participants walked with high confidence , but there are also participants who viewed awkward walking wearing high heels and maxi gown , " reported the Jakarta Post .Uniquely selected the winner of the contest by the guest of honor, the jury consists of 100 orphan children .His experience , Nurul said , the competition highlighted how beautiful Islam and all activities such as reading the Quran conducted based on Islamic law.In addition, the 21-year -old girl was good looking these events can be held in the country."I think if the government was so sure the event received a lot of encouraging as it teaches about Islamic knowledge without neglecting style hijab fashion ." It is not wrong because it could provide an opportunity for Muslim women out there gain new experience in addition the government can take the opportunity to promote the country's tourism , " said the girl who hails from Kuala Kangsar , Perak .Nurul who managed to qualify for the 10 finalists said he learned about it through rakannnya events ." Joining this competition really helped me about religion because all activities taught me how to be a Muslim in confronting the challenges of modern times , " he told The Malaysian Insider.About 20 women from six countries, including Indonesia , Brunei and Iran joined the perandingan for his title with the knowledge and skills tested on Islam .It was held on 18 September in Jakarta with Nigerian players Ajibola Obabiyi Aisha , 21 , was crowned as champion .Nurul said the victory secured his World Muslim Woman Netizen 2013 is a valuable experience for her." Surprised and grateful , this provision from God as a representative of my country Malaysia's accomplishments , it is the most valuable experience for me , " said the student of the University Institute of Technology (UITM ) , Negeri Sembilan
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